About Us



HyperVPN is the leader in providing secure cloud and dedicated hosting services to cyber security firms, ensuring sensitive data, activity logs and brand reputations of our customers and their end users are fully protected at all times. With our infrastructure designed and built for maximum security, high performance, full compliance and service, many cyber security firms choose us as their cloud hosting partner in order to mitigate the risks involved in transition, storage and collection of sensitive data over the Internet.


We built our organization from the ground up with a small group of ambitious, dedicated and passionate individuals. Success was never easy. We felt the pains of starting out in a very competitive and saturated market, and over time we have grown to know what it really takes to make a name for yourself. From our very humble beginning, our objective was to create a company that protects businesses which are protecting others. Certainly, without this mindset we could not have come this far. We feel that it is our duty to share our success with other business owners who share our values and mindset. Let's all collectively work together to be the guardians of freedom and protect all Internet citizens.